Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Deco Theme....earrings!

Just LOVE the deco clip made into earrings. They are really stunnung on. We took this pic before these were sent out to the bride. I decided to add another deco piece. This headband is a vintage feather pad with the most amazing HUGH deco pin.


Here is a group of bridesmaid jewels. This bride chose art deco clasp pearl bracelets. These clasps have to be hunt down and the chances of finding 2 alike are small. the different clasps add a little personality.

Deco Wedding for Jane

Today I am going to share some weddings I have worked on in the last few months. Here are a few from an Australian wedding that has a deco theme.
The earrings were not completed. It was for the bride to OK. The bridesmaids have deco necklaces and earrings. The larger necklace is fot the bride

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is another piece for a different bride ~ enchanting!

A January Wedding

These lovlies were chosen by a bride in California. The pearls are really the same you know.